How You Can Help

Every year, hundreds of natural and manmade disasters occur all across the globe, leaving thousands of people without the basic necessities of life, simple things we take for granted, such as drinking water.

Aquabox provides people affected by disaster with the essentials, helping them make it through these critical times. As an international community organisation, Aquabox relies on the help of everyday people and businesses to change the lives of others. You can make a difference.

aquabox 30, clean drinking water sponsor an aquabox Give the gift of life to people suffering from disaster

It’s easy to help Aquabox, individuals and organisations can simply donate to us via this website. Just choose which box to sponsor from the selection and complete an online order.

Once your donation is received, our volunteers prepare Aquaboxes ready for one of the disaster zones around the world and your support has an immediate impact on someone in need.

Your sponsorship gives people affected by disaster the building blocks to start again, your help means:

  • Essential supplies and drinking water are provided to people in need
  • People suffering from disaster receive a chance at life
  • You know you’ve made a difference
  • By supporting Rotary you can be confident your money is going where it is needed the most.
  • Contact your local Rotary Club

Aquabox provides real change to people during times of great adversity. By providing the basic necessities, Aquabox offers relief to people who have lost almost everything.

We need your help, sponsor a box today and make a difference to someone suffering from disaster.